Building Meaningful Connections

Social Skills Groups

In a world where social interactions form the fabric of our daily lives, children with autism spectrum disorder often struggle to navigate social situations. These challenges can make it difficult to form meaningful connections with peers and build lasting friendships. However, with the right support and guidance, children on the autism spectrum can develop the essential social skills needed to thrive socially. That’s where MASC’s social skills group comes in.

Nurturing Connections

The power of the social skills group at our center creates a supportive environment where children with ASD can learn, grow, and connect with others. Our group is designed to meet the diverse needs of children on the autism spectrum by providing a structured and nurturing setting for them to develop crucial skills, build confidence, and learn how to make friends with positive social experiences. There are many components to a successful social skills group. Below are some of the areas we focus on:

  • Understanding the Importance – Successful social interactions can be hard for children with ASD. Skills like understanding nonverbal cues, starting conversations, managing emotions, and navigating social situations effectively are taught in a supportive and engaging manner using activities, role-playing, and group discussions.
  • Tailored for the Individual – The personalized approach to the social skills group recognizes that each child with ASD is unique. Our experienced, highly qualified staff work to develop goals for our clients to work on in a small group setting. These goals may include things like turn-taking, expression of emotions, and practicing having conversations.
  • Belonging to a Group – Beyond skill development, our social skills group offers our clients a sense of belonging and community in a safe and inclusive environment. Through shared activities and collaborative learning, friendships blossom, and bonds are formed.
  • Success is the Ultimate Goal – By learning essential social skills and creating meaningful connections, children with autism gain the ability to navigate the social world with greater ease and lay the foundation for lifelong success.
students engaging in a social skills group

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Services We Offer

Here are some of the ways we help make a difference for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Hampton Roads Area.

One-on-One Therapy

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to increase wanted behavior and decrease unwanted behavior.

Individualized Programming

Custom programming to meet each child's individual needs.

Social Skills Groups

Facilitating appropriate interactions with peers and building meaningful friendships during their time here.


Providing free training on autism, the science of behavior, and the special education system in Virginia.

School Observations

Working with school staff to support our clients.

Clinical Consultations

Helping families and professionals understand the specifics of our clients.

Special Education Advocacy

Giving our clients the benefit of 20 years of experience navigating special education in Virginia.

Individualized Education Program Development

Reviewing documents to ensure the specialized instruction provides the free, appropriate public education the student is entitled to.

Resource and Referral Services

Serving as leaders in the autism community and working with local, state, and federal partners to support families.