Identifying Needs

Clinical Consultations

Understanding the specific needs of and difficulties experienced by children with autism is crucial for both families and professionals involved in their care. Clinical consultations play an important role in closing the gap that exists between everyone interested in the child’s success. Some of the benefits of clinical consultations are:

  • Tailored Insights for Families – Families of children with ASD often have a lot of questions and uncertainties regarding their child’s development and behavior. Clinical consultations offer insight into how to best support a child, giving families a deeper understanding of ASD, and effective strategies for supporting their child’s growth and development. These consultations offer reassurance and practical advice to navigate the unique journey of raising a child with ASD.
  • Collaboration with Professionals – Effective collaboration between families and professionals is essential in providing wrap-around support for children with autism. Clinical consultations foster open communication and the sharing valuable information between families and professionals. By working together, therapists, educators, and healthcare providers can develop complete plans for the individual needs of the child which ensures consistency and continuity of care across a variety of settings and people.
  • Empowering Professionals with Knowledge – For professionals working with children with ASD, ongoing education and support are vital. Clinical consultations offer an opportunity for professionals to increase their knowledge and skills in working with individuals on the autism spectrum. Through these consultations, professionals can learn about the latest research, evidence-based practices, and innovative approaches in the field of behavior which improves the quality of care they provide.
  • Promoting Holistic Development – Beyond addressing specific challenges associated with autism spectrum disorder, clinical consultations also focus on promoting holistic development and well-being. This includes addressing social communication skills, sensory processing difficulties, behavior management strategies, and fostering independence and self-advocacy skills. By taking a holistic approach, clinical consultations support the overall growth and development of children with ASD.
Autism clinical consultations

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Services We Offer

Here are some of the ways we help make a difference for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Hampton Roads Area.

One-on-One Therapy

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to increase wanted behavior and decrease unwanted behavior.

Individualized Programming

Custom programming to meet each child's individual needs.

Social Skills Groups

Facilitating appropriate interactions with peers and building meaningful friendships during their time here.


Providing free training on autism, the science of behavior, and the special education system in Virginia.

School Observations

Working with school staff to support our clients.

Clinical Consultations

Helping families and professionals understand the specifics of our clients.

Special Education Advocacy

Giving our clients the benefit of 20 years of experience navigating special education in Virginia.

Individualized Education Program Development

Reviewing documents to ensure the specialized instruction provides the free, appropriate public education the student is entitled to.

Resource and Referral Services

Serving as leaders in the autism community and working with local, state, and federal partners to support families.